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FFXIV Weaver Crafting Guides

Data: 09/16/2013

For crafting, it goes like this from best to worst:

Manual craft >>> macro crafting >>>>>>>>>> quick synth

ffxiv weaver crafting


Basically only bother quick synthing stuff that already gives you negligible amounts of xp [or if you're 50 and you don't care about quality]. Ignoring quality and using macros FFXIV Gil, you will get around 5-6x more xp over quick synth. being careful and manually crafting will get you even more, especially past level 20 or so.


I also just finished my Weaving set and am about to max Weaving on Cactuar.


Of course you get more experience for doing manual synthesis. You can make a pretty universal 40 durability macro that should handle this in one press unless you fail synthesis on progress more than once. There are a couple points in Weaver where it is also beneficial to grind yarn and/or thread to quickly get to the next leve tier (Linen is very good for this).


The only items really worth "disenchanting" as you describe it are 45+. Before that there isn't much that is particularly worth selling other than yarn and thread at certain tiers. You make a lot of crafting and gathering stuff for various body slots that might net a couple thousand. This seems like it's a problem with a lot of the DoH though. Dyes seem like they should be valuable but on my server its not worth it.


Stick with either making items for a particular leve (The leves that ask for three items versus one allow you to repeat them up to 3 times and you get bonus experience for HQ for each one) or making difficult items for your level for the completion bonus.


Try this thread for some macro ideas on 40 durability and beyond. It's not too hard to grasp, you just want to judge based on your own CP level what you can do before you need to synthesis appropriately.


If your trying to level Weaving to do useful things, the most hassle free way is to tip a higher level weaver to HQ something that you can trade in to a 3 item levequest (velveteen dress shoes, linen hat). You can hand in up to 9 items for the same leve with bonus for HQ, so by tipping maybe 1k per item and buying the mats you save a lot of headache. This is especially valuable when you are trying to progress through a prohibitively expensive tier like the Dew Thread / Undyed Velveteen level at 24-35~. You can still make NQ versions of your own to supplement trade in's if your budget to power tradecraft is low.